PilipinaLove.com Review: Legit, but Unpopular 

PilipinaLove is a dating website intended to connect westerners with singles in the Philippines. Particularly western men with Filipina women, but the site also mentions the possibility of a Filipino pen pal. So if you are intrepid and looking for a relationship abroad, this could be your chance.

Something important to realize about PilipinaLove is that it isn’t an actual dating/matchmaking agency (i.e. not a “mail order bride” service). It’s simply a dating site where members post their profiles and contact anyone who looks interesting.

PilipinaLove Review

The site doesn’t appear to have any malicious software or anything on it, so we’re going to consider this a legit, reasonably safe website. It doesn’t have an HTTPS certificate though, so any information you put in (for example, your email address when you sign up) won’t be encrypted when it’s sent to the server.

It’s unclear whether PilipinaLove was a popular choice at any point in its 4-year lifespan. They claim to be “one of the biggest Philippines dating sites around”, but there don’t seem to be any reviews left by people who have actually used the site. The website’s stats say that it’s logging around 1000 unique visitors each day which is a pretty small number, and a list of the Top 30 Filipino Dating Sites ranks it 2/5 stars in terms of popularity and gives no additional information. Their Facebook page has about 2500 likes.

The website proudly proclaims the fact that it is a 100% free site, and that appears to be true. No credit card information is required to sign up, and there’s no monthly subscription fee or premium membership that you need to buy in order to actually use the site. From what we can tell, you really can sign up, create your profile, view unlimited profiles and send unlimited messages without paying a cent.

Now, there is always a tradeoff to having a 100% free dating site, and in the case of PilipinaLove it’s really slow customer service. If you ever have a problem that can’t be solved using their FAQ, they say their average response time is 7-10 days. Are they sending the answer by Pony Express?

The final note we’d like to make about PilipinaLove.com is that, while the site isn’t a scam and is really free to use, there’s no verification protocol for new members. Therefore any random person could, in theory, sign up and give false information or pretend to be someone else. So that’s something to keep in mind if you decide to use the site.

Summary of PilipinaLove.com

  • Safe site but not encrypted
  • Dating site, not agency
  • Really is 100% free
  • Not very popular, likely very few active members
  • Slow customer service

Conclusion: Surf under your own risk, perhaps you may be able to find your special one.

Update 2020

We recently noted that PilipinaLove is no longer online. Registers from Wayback Machine show that the website was closed somewhere in 2019.

Although not confirmed, other sites from the same company may include: Seeking Singles, LuvFree, Dating in USA, Globalseducer, Russian Brides, among others.

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