Review: Too Good to Be True


AsianDate is a dating site offered to everybody around the globe looking for an Asian girl to date and to start a relationship. On first sight, the webpage offers many simple ways to connect with the girls. It has the possibility of logging in through the user’s Facebook profile and it even has an app that can be downloaded in the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iPhone users.

With the motto “Love knows no boundaries”, intends to create the perfect environment for the customer to log in and start enjoying a nice quiet chat with a Chinese or Filipina girl. Customers have the chance to do a “free” chat with any of the girls. However, this is where suspicions start to rise and we start to feel like this is too good to be true. And, well, you know the rest of the saying.

AsianDate or AsianScam? puts up a good show to lure in the customer. (They are a member of the Anastasia group of dating sites, so they learned from the best). The website includes features like a security protocol through the domain in order to ensure that all transactions on the site are protected. Another feature is the anti-scam policy, which advises the customer on how to interact with the women on the site to avoid any possible scam. They also claim to offer reimbursements in the event that the women on the site scam you or if any other agency uses their information.

But free registration with free live chat? That’s the dream! Well, not so fast. Asian Date will charge you $2.99 for 20 more minutes of chat after the first 3 minutes of “chatting” with one of the girls who randomly and constantly appears at the bottom of the site (whether you have registered already or not). Furthermore, the chat window expresses, in very tiny print, that further chatting will cost “1 credit per minute or 2 credits per minute with video”. Like, which is also under the Anastasia group, it’s impossible to find out how much these credits actually cost before you sign up. The FAQ about pricing merely states: “Costs are minimal considering the great ease and effectiveness of the system and the rewards of getting to know the most enticing women on the planet.”

Asian Date profiles

Are the girls on Asian Date real?

The supposedly verified profiles belonging to the female members of AsianDate are packed with pictures that look like professional photographs of girls who look like professional models. The chat messages that keep popping up in the corner of the screen are innocent at first, but they become weirder by the minute. Some girls claim to have fallen in love by seeing your profile (which has never been uploaded) and others send R-rated messages.

In short, although AsianDate tries to portray itself as a secure environment for the customer seeking a long-term partner, it actually portrays all the signs of being a money grab.

Summary of

  • Safety protocols for all transactions on the site
  • Dating” site designed to get your money in the form of chat credits
  • Similar issues as associated site
  • Fake chat messages
  • Profiles do not seem real
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